Missing scenes

Well, after all this time I had the 5 Tesla effect endings. It's been a highly rewarding journey, but I may have missed something. In the trailers, you can see Tex with Chelsee at the office, also you see Slade in the Tesla society. Are these parts in the game?
Another question that I don't think has been answered: Which ending will be the official one? I hope we discover it in the next game.
Next game? I like the optimism :)
Yep, Spaniards are definitely optimistic people. :)

I know a very nice young lady in Spain working on a Star Wars Zam costume alongside me. She and I share ideas and work in progres thoughts. We've helped each other out tremendously. But for the point, she is a highly, infectiously cheerful woman.
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Of course I am optimist! We waited 16 years, but we had a new game. I's funny, but most of the things I loved and wanted to come back, did come back in some form. As I child, I dreamed of a Spiderman movie, and see how Marvel is now; I hoped to hear Queen live and did it!

Tex Murphy? We will have new novels and The Poinsoned Pawn fan game. Why not an official one? I don't think Tesla was badly received, not at all. Yes, it may not have been huge, but must have had a certain amount of success. And we don't need a big production, the essence is the story and Chris Jones himself, and that we already have. I remember the times when FMV was practically ruled out, and look what we got!
I like you, Ruben. :)

And I'll do my best to foster that thought in my heart ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Even if my brain is a killjoy.
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Gotta love the enthusiasm :D
If I remember well, I think Matt VanRhoon said that the scenes with Slade at the Tesla Society were actually scenes we see at the coit Tower. They just changed the location, and so, the background.

For the missing scene with Chelsee, it was cut. There were some hope of a special edition of Tesla effect with the many missing scenes would be released, but since the game didn't do as good as expected salewise, I don't think they will work on it one day (for more info, you can check the Tesla effect discussion board on steam).
Thanks for the info, dkbtf.
I think the asked the fans about a possible extended edition of the game and there was not enough interest, but I have not heard an official statement saying that the game has sold poorly.
Yes, I don't understand the comment about "didn't do as good as expected saleswise". According to SteamSpy (http://steamspy.com/app/261510) there are over 320,000 owners of the Steam version of Tesla Effect. That's a lot of people buying the game. In the world of indie games, it's a huge success.

And remember, that's only Steam buyers. For example, it doesn't include GOG sales. Granted, Steam sales are a huge percentage of the market, but they're not everything.
I don't think the number of sales is a total failure, but I think they didn't get the number of sales they expected (not enough to make a new game, to develop the linux port further, or maybe the special edition).

If the numbers were very great, I'm sure the sequel would already be on his way (maybe it is, I hope so !).

About the linux port, Cubase said on a forum ""Especially if you consider at the time this decision to drop full integration was made, the game was already failing to live up to sales expectations that would have been the motivator to spend more time and money into the Linux version. "https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/ ... ge=4#50159

About the number of steam purchases, in November 2014 they made the game available in an humble bundle for 1 $ ! I don't know how much they earned from this, but not much I think.

Since then, a lot of people have it in their steam account because they gave a steam key to everyone who donated 1$. So, those numbers can't tell the real sales of the game on steam. (for gog, the game was the first bestelling during launch, and during some sales, so the numbers could be very good).

Seriously, I'd love to say the game was a huge financial succes, but I don't think so. Personnaly, I'm happy so many people played the game. I'm happy the game is so awesome and as good as the previous Tex games. A lot of newcomers loved it, and it's great.

Now, I hope they're doing a sequel, or another kickstarter campaign (or a FIG capaign, since there can be investors). If they do so, I can now donate more money than during the first kickstarter, since I now have a more lucrative job.

In any case, we are going to get an awesome remake of Overseer, three new books from Aaron, a second radio theater, and it's awesome. It's definitly not the end of the Tex Murphy saga. :)

[Sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my mother tongue]
"In any case, we are going to get an awesome remake of Overseer, three new books from Aaron, a second radio theater, and it's awesome. It's definitly not the end of the Tex Murphy saga. "

Well put. :D

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After having waited for 16 years (1998-2014) with only the radiotheater episodes to wait, we can say things are moving in a very good way for Tex ! That's... great. ;)
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