The Poisoned Pawn MAGFest 2017 Trailer

MAGfest 2017 trailer for The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure, developed by Chaotic Fusion. We will be showcasing our game at MAGFest 2017 (Jan 5-7) at the Indie Videogame Showcase. For more information, visit -
Being able to play a Tex Murphy game in VR makes my 1994 inner child really happy. I know the VR market is tiny right now but it's so much fun.
Looks incredible, guys.

Question - clearly you know how to draw, design and code. You've also proven that new footage has been filmed. Since BFG could cut expenses on programming and just handle the filming side of things while outsourcing game design to your team...what's to say new games couldn't be made?
My thinking too Joel (I've hinted at it in other posts: i.e. I think we're seeing the birth of a new game studio, perhaps the most geographically dispersed ever).

The idea of Aaron doing the script, BFG doing the filming (perhaps with MVR acting as liaison between the BFG and CF teams), and CF handling the core game development seems very appealing to me.
I suppose the key difference for Caustic Fusion would be the fact that, apart from Chandler Avenue, they would be designing a game from scratch. Whereas, with the current remake of Overseer they already have the locations, settings and gameplay procedure established for them since they are remaking the game move-by-move. There would definitely be a more strenuous development cycle involved for a brand new instalment.
There is some of that for sure, but don't forget that PP is going to have new locations, and the locations carried over from Overseer are getting major revamps.