Yes, we are still alive.

This community is just amazing. And that's why CJ and I want you to know that we are (1) still among the living, and (2) are continuing to pursue our mutual dream of bringing Tex back for at least one last hurrah. Honestly, I'm not saying this just to give you false hope; on the other hand, nothing may come of it in the end...but things are progressing.

I'll make you all at least one solid promise: There will be another Tex story, whether it's in game form or in text. If the game thing doesn't work out, I swear on Sammy Davis Jr.'s grave that I will finish off the Tex saga, if only in text.

It's come to my attention that some of you were curious about what happened after the sinking of the S.S. Indiebuilt back in April. For those who care, there were many reasons why this happened, but the best explanation is that the videogame industry is a seething cauldron of stress, unpredictably, and bottom lines. You have to be flexible and lucky to make it, both as an individual and as a studio. Indiebuilt didn't have what it took to survive.

After the scuttling, most of the Indiebuilt people were able to find jobs with either the handful of videogame studios in the Salt Lake City area or with Microsoft. As for the old Tex Murphy crew, while CJ was long gone by then, Doug Vandegrift ended up working for a small game company in SLC, and Jon Clark left the gaming industry and is now teaching.

As for me, I was very fortunate to have been approached by Ubisoft, actually BEFORE Indiebuilt shut down. I met their people at E3 and then flew to Montreal to meet the team. After a ton of paperwork and legal wrangling, I was hired as a Creative Director and began work on July 3rd.

The only problem was I wanted to maintain my ties to Utah (house, family, chance to work again with CJ, etc.), so Ubisoft and I agreed on a pretty unique work situation: I work in Montreal for three weeks each month (give or take) and spend the rest of the time in Salt Lake City. This sort of arrangement wouldn't work for everybody, but it's great for me. Montreal is a wonderful city and living in the middle of downtown is about as different as you can get from our pastoral existence in the suburbs of Bountiful, Utah!

Ubisoft is a great company to work for and our project is very exciting. I'll be sure to share details when I can. In the meantime, just know that your support and patience is keeping us focused and moving closer to our shared goal of a Tex encore!

Oh, and I refuse to believe that it's been 10 years since Pandora was released...

Thanks, AC!! What's amazing is not this community - what's amazing is the subject of our interest, and the fact that the creators are so dedicated to the fans. Thanks for the update, and congratulations with finding another promising job!
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Thanks for the update, I can't think of another community so blessed with the support from both sides.
AC wrote:Oh, and I refuse to believe that it's been 10 years since Pandora was released...
Well, it's been 12 years since I first blew you up on the Moon Child. ;)
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Hey Aaron, thanks for checking up with us. We all aprreceate how much you are a part of our community, and how detecated you are to bring Tex back. I hope you like living in Montreal (sortof)! Later.
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So in the worst case, we WILL have one more Tex product, and I LOVE the novels!! Great!
Awesome, AC, I only have good things to say about Ubisoft. Even though it's French.
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Just thought I would share that I drove by the old "Microsoft Studios", it still has the "indiebuilt" logo on the building but looked pretty deserted. It was nice to be in the area, also drove past the second building that Access software moved into many years ago, wow, it sure has been a long time.

Anyways, great to hear some news.
Great update, AC. We all deeply appreciate your continued efforts to finalize the Tex saga.

Ubisoft has been quite successful and we can only assume they are about to become even more successful with the addition of your creative genius. Yes, do keep us informed.
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Congratulations on the new job-venture, and thank you so much for the great news! Truly excellent!

Keep up the good work, we'll keep up supporting it, cheering you on, and appreciating it.

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Thanks for the welcome update, AC! Nice to see we still have reasons to keep the faith.

Interesting news about the mystery Ubisoft project... wouldn't be Naruto would it?

What about Chris Crowell and Patrick Fortier? Aren't they Creative Directors there as well?
Very, Very good news to hear! Thanks much AC. Sounds like a very promising new job, and hopefully a good future to Tex.
Absitively poslutely great! Again, I second everyone who has thanked you for the update, and I would just like to say, on behalf of myself "YES! YES! OH MY GOD, DANCE AROUND LIKE A MARKING OUT 13 YEAR OLD WHO JUST GOT HIS COPY OF DOOM 2 YESSSS!" ...

*clears his throat*

Yeah. It's me, the most mature of all of us. A finish to the Tex story *will* happen! Or else Sammy Davis Jr. will be a very angry dead guy.

But seriously, great to hear you're still out there doing the job you love. Ubi Soft is a solid company to work for, right behind EA, in terms of stability. Or at least I've heard.

But again, congratulations, and I wish you well ...

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AC wrote: I'll make you all at least one solid promise: There will be another Tex story, whether it's in game form or in text. If the game thing doesn't work out, I swear on Sammy Davis Jr.'s grave that I will finish off the Tex saga, if only in text.

Oh, and I refuse to believe that it's been 10 years since Pandora was released...


Oh yes, we will hold you to that!!! :P I'm printing out hard copy as proof.
Let me add my voice to everyone else's here. We sincerely hope your next project kicks ass, and I WILL BE BUYING IT, whatever it is.

3 onsite 1 telecommute? Sweet deal. Enjoy the frequent flier miles ok eh? Oh yes that's right...French Canadian...(shelving the Bob and Doug McKenzie impersonation)

Thanks so much for not giving up on "our Hero". :wink:

Welcome back Aaron! I can't remember how long it been but greats to see you back alive and keep us all updated with positive news!!:D
Keep up the good work and finally a new 'Tex Murphy' coming soon but we all just wait and be patience.

Ubisoft is a great game industry company. I wondered which game you are creative director on for Ubisoft? btw Aaron you should check out my new interview with RN (Big Jim Slade) when you can. :)

Take care
Dang Spambot, oh wait this is really AC? Okay cool :) Thanks for checkin in. Its no joke I was gettin to worryin'. Next time you better call if your gonna be gone so long so me and mom dont get to fearin to much fer ya.

I always come to the board everyday expecting it to be the day something exciting is going to happen. Today was one of those days, joy.
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